Five for Friday – the link edition

  1. Reading….this book.  Cannot put it down.  Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Carly Simon…all singer-songwriter I love. I go through Tapestry phases and Joni Mitchell's Both Sides, Now is one of my favorite-ever songs. Telling the story of their lives and the lives of so many women their age.  Absolutely fascinating.  I may need a copy of my own.
  2. Blogginglove this blog.  I've mentioned it before, I know…but this post this morning is something that really speaks to me right now.  I'm commited to living a more responsible life, to making the best healthy food choices I can, but right now…right now, I'm having to make choices  due to budget constraints and this post gave me a lot of peace.
  3. More Reading…feeling a need to brush up on some parenting decisions.  The kids have been a bit difficult as of late (the boy in particular) and sometimes its just good to read something new.  In this case, the something new is a book I received at a baby shower for Caleb.  Yeah…almost 7 years ago.  I am forcing myself to read this slowly, to put each chapter into practice for a week before moving on and I'm liking it.  It goes along with what we already believe as parents, but don't put into practice as much as we should. It's been good.
  4. Making…I'm planning on putting one of these together little trees together this weekend (scroll down, it's at the bottom of the article).  Instead of Halloween, I'm planning more of a Fall theme and I'm going to cut a whole bunch of leaves for it.  Each night, we'll take turns writing down something we're thankful for and by Thanksgiving I think I'll have a pretty cool centerpiece. 
  5. Obsessively checking onthis blog.  My friend Stacey is mama to a couple of adorable one month old twin girls and two older boys, but I find myself clicking on it several times a day to see if she's added new baby pictures.  Which is kind of silly – she's got twin babies and I'm thinking any time not caring for them is probably spent sleeping. 
    I just want to borrow them for a little while. And kiss them and smell them and snuggle them.   For a little while..I promise I'll give them back =)

And a little question…has anyone ever tried this?  I think it's a really interesting idea and am considering giving it a go.  The recipes look like things we'll actually eat and I love all the different options.  What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Five for Friday – the link edition

  1. Sorry I havent updated in a few days…my internet was out. I updated today, and will be adding pictures soon. I think we are both obsessed with each others blogs. And anytime you want to hold one of the girls, come on over…we’ll still be here!

  2. Thanks for the links, especially the homemaking one. I like to read other people’s thoughts on the subject. Great new picture of yourself, by the way :)

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