Five for Friday – 10.17.08

Another busy week.  Another tiring week. 

We've got a 3 day weekend – no school on Monday.  Tom leaves tomorrow for a few days of Fall Retreat-ing with high school and middle schoolers.  The kids and I are staying home and, while we've got a few things to do, we're mostly going to take it easy.

So…what's made this week a happy one?

  • God's Blessing – I have been so aware of God's blessings this week, and of how abundant He truly is.   A phone call from Grandma Fee saying she's sending a bit of money for new clothes for the kids…a lovely reminder from our Women's Circle mentor (a lovely, wise woman that I've come to appreciate so much) that being a parent isn't easy or convenient…an email from a friend I haven't heard from in a bit…another email from a friend with a lovely surprise (I do love it when the Internet is used for Good and not to spread ugliness)…saying goodbye to a friend who is leaving today for Maryland to follow God's new call on his life.  I am so thankful.
  • WatchingTop Design on Bravo had become a bit of an odd family favorite.  I have been a fan of Jonathan Adler for a long time, but Hanna and Tom actually seem to enjoy the show even more than I do!  After a boring, disappointing season of Project Runway, Top Design has been a huge treat.  Part of me watches just to see what Kelly Wearstler is wearing and doing to her hair each week – you should hear the gasp in our living room each time she appears and the discussion that accompanies it.

  • Exercise – I realized this morning that I'm back at the point where exercise is a looked forward to necessity.  And that's good.  I've upped my daily walk to 35 minutes and have added 4 short jogging intervals.  I am a bit sore, but it's a good sore.  I was driving home from groceries this morning…debating whether or not to walk since it was a little later than I normally go out…and I just had this need that I couldn't deny. 
    In reality, this time of exercise is really my centering for the day.  I pray, I think through what needs to be done that day, I have a little worship time…good times. 

  • More Watching – We are big Mario Batali fans around here, and this show on PBS is lovely.  I'm still a bit amazed at the Mario/Gwyneth Paltro pairing, but it sort of works (and it's changed my opinion of her from incredibly boring to just sort of boring).  We realized last weekend that after years of watching lots of FoodNetwork, we only watch things with Mario and/or Alton Brown.  And if I could take a food tour with anyone, I think Mario Batali might just be tops on my list.   Of course, if this guy wanted to come along I wouldn't really mind either.  Or this one, of course.
    *side note: I continue to be bored and annoyed by the new programming (and more specifically, the quality of the new programming) on FoodNetwork. It's getting pretty pathetic over there.  I blame Rachel Ray.  OK, I blame Rachel Ray for most things (including global warming, the economic crisis, and anything else that comes to mind), but there was a definite shift in the quality of shows and hosts around the time that she blew up. 

  • This girl….

    Hanna 10 16 08 
    all of the sudden, she's so much more grown up…there's a maturity there I hadn't noticed before…she flips through stations on the radio in the car…she's interested in fashion and design…she's pushing herself to read harder books…she thinking about big things…she's trying new things, even when they're not easy or comfortable for her…she's making new friends.

  • And then there's this boy…
    Kids 10 17 08 
    who works so hard to make his sister laugh…who says sweet things like "Mom, I don't just love Papa, I like Papa!"…who is really starting to read…who is battling against his best friend in class to see who can read the most books…he is constantly drawing and writing…and building, always building…who makes me laugh and has a laugh (as seen in the photo) that is so contagious.

It's been a good week.

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