Sunday Gratitude


A few more things to be grateful for this week…

161. a timely reminder that I need not allow fear to rule my life

162. another successful baking day

163. a full freezer once again

164.  Friday morning shopping with just Hanna – a little bit of girl time

165.  that I've so far escaped the virus Tom and the kids have all had

166.  a very productive week of creating

167.  new ideas that seem to be making our school day a little smoother

168.  for my husband is truly my partner and the leader of our family

169.  this crazy boy

cutting apart our Christmas tree…which has been hanging out in the backyard for way too long 

170. two Saturday night suppers with Cole Davis – so glad he moved to our neck of the woods

171.  that Tom already took tomorrow off to come with us to pick up our first raw milk and pastured meat order on the other side of Orlando

172.  a chance to chat with friends at church

173. Mr. Chuck and Miss Kate, Caleb's Sunday School teachers over the last few years…the impact they've made in his life will truly be eternal

174.  I'm not only caught up, but even a little ahead in my year through the Bible reading

175.  how much I'm gleaning from this read through Leviticus

176.  the buyers who make it possible for me to work from home by creating scrapbook layouts to sell on eBay

Dino Final 
(I'm kind of fond of these silly dinosaurs right now!) 

177.  reading in bed each night…one of my most-looked-forward-to parts of the day

178.  Alive Again, by Matt Maher – after owning it for months, this CD still brings me to tears

179.  still more cool weather – this winter has been a treat

180.  tomorrow marks 5 years since we moved to Florida…I can't believe it's gone so quickly and I can't believe how much our lives have changed in that short time.  Such a crazy decision, but I'm so grateful we make it.

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