*still here*

DP edited

I am enjoying my last few days in Central California.  I don't think I ever realized how incredible it is to live between the Sierra Nevada and the foothills (shown in the photo above) until I moved to flat Florida.  I've been waiting for a clear day to get a picture of the Sierras…still waiting, and only a few days left before we return home.  There is cotton all around my parents house blooming spectacularly, corn has grown by leaps and bounds since we've been here and tomatoes are starting to turn red.   Hot weather, lots of swimming, lots of family – what else could I ask for in a visit?

We return to Florida on Wednesday, which also happens to be my 35th birthday.  I'm not sure we're ready to go.  Both kids have suggested to me privately that we just go home, pack up the house, grab Tom and come back to live with Grandma and Grandpa for a while.  If it weren't for things like insurance, bills, jobs and our house, I'd be totally for it.  I've enjoyed being here more this year than I can ever remember.

And it certainly hasn't been a relaxing trip (other than the days we spent on the train coming West).  We've been working hard on planning my brother's wedding in mid-September, we've thrown a bridal shower for my soon-to-be-sister-in-law and it seems like we've had to go somewhere every single day.  And I'm having that feeling that I wanted to do more…see more people…visit the coast…go to the cabin and take the kids to Yosemite…but somehow, it's okay. 

I've already started my packing lists, which are piled somewhere along all of my lists for Dale's wedding.  I think perhaps I've even outdone myself when it comes to list-making this time.  Flowers, food, master plans, week of, wedding day, clothing, RSVP's…and then some.  It's been nearly 14 years since my own wedding (which was obsessively organized, of course), but I forgot how very much goes into planning a wedding, especially when both families are so large and small and intimate isn't really an option. 

I still have so much to blog about this trip - there's still so much more of our train trip that I haven't gotten down, plus everything since we've been in California.  I've been working on editing my photos and matching them with sketches for easy scrapbooking when I get home, a process that has made a huge difference in my scrapping and that I intend to share soon. 

For now, I've got family to enjoy =)

2 thoughts on “*still here*

  1. Hi Sam, and you didn’t get to see Bretts Mom while you were here;(.
    Hey can you tell me how you got pict to have that blue ‘frame’ around it? Was that the camera lens or photo shop. (my question reveals my ignorance, doesn’t it)

  2. Hi Brett’s Mom =)
    I’ve been using Picnik.com to edit my photos while I’ve been here. I’m pretty sure I used the Lomo action on that one, and then rounded the corners with another one. They have a pretty good free version available to play with.
    And hopefully, I’ll get to see you at the wedding in September! I’m pretty excited about so many of my favorite Trinity ladies being on the guest list =)

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