gratituesday: roots

It’s been a nutty weekend – I spent most of Friday afternoon and evening at the Emergency Room for what appears to be an ulcer. Tom had Hanna at Urgent Care early Saturday morning with a nasty case of strep throat that just won’t end.

Our weekend plans?


It was a little disappointing, but it’s been a good reminder of why we love living back in this small town.

We were able to call my Mom to watch not only our kids, but my nephews when it became evident I needed an emergency room visit. When we lived so far away, there was always that worry of presuming too much of friendships for that sort of thing. I have no such presumptions when it comes to family =)

Sunday evening, my grandparents brought over homemade chicken soup for me, homemade chicken and noodles for Tom and the kids…and homemade vanilla pudding for all of us. There was many a time in Florida when we fought illnesses that I would have considered¬†trading a child for something as heart- and belly-warming.

My mother-in-law even came from out of town to pick Caleb up, took him home for a night and brought him back the next day so he wouldn’t get too bored.

It’s been a stressful few days – the strep doesn’t seem to be going away and I’m facing an upper GI sometime soon – but it’s been such a blessed reminder of how grateful we are to live so close to so much of our¬†family again and how wonderful it is to have such deep roots.

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One thought on “gratituesday: roots

  1. Having lived far from family for ten years I know exactly what kind of comfort you have knowing they are close. We’ll probably never have the opportunity to move back “home,” but we think we might one day convince some of our family to come to us. What a blessing that would be! Saying a prayer all your medical issues will be resolved soon.

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