menu plan monday – it’s October!

Is anyone else in total shock that today is October third?

I mean, really…that’s just a little crazy.

I’m in my second “official” week of the paleo diet…though I did get an early start due to some stomach issues a few weeks ago that made it hard to eat much of anything and kept me on broth and bland chicken soup for quite a few days. I’ll have a little review of how it’s going for me later on this week, but in a quick nutshell? I like it. A lot.

Lots of new recipes and links this week as we work on finding some new family favorites. One of my favorite things about the paleo/primal diet is that it’s all gluten-free, which opened up tons of new recipes and ideas for me. It’s also left-over friends, so I’m making lots of dinner bigger by about half so I can have planned leftovers for lunches.

Breakfasts are eggs with leftover veggies (I’m obsessed with mashed butternut squash with a little butter, cinnamon and chili powder), bacon or sausage once in a while, and these awesome pancakes about once a week. I’ve got a few paleo-friendly muffins tagged that I’ll try once I get the proper ingredients.

Grilled Italian Sausage with Bell Peppers and Onions
Marinara Sauce
Spaghetti Squash
Green Salad

Easy Steak Skewers (from Everyday Paleo)
Baked Curry Cauliflower (also from Everyday Paleo)
Green Salad

Pecan Crusted Chicken (hmmm….another Everyday Paleo recipe – but I intend to change the spices just a bit. I’ll share my adjusted recipe if we’re happy with it)
Sweet Potato Mash
some other vegetable…

Paleo Chicken and Vegetable “Lo Mein”
Baked Brown Rice (for the kiddos, who are transitioning slower than I am)

Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas (leaving the fat on the roast and using homemade stock)
Green Salad

I have no idea! I’m helping to give a baby shower that afternoon, so it might be a good day to plan on eating out =)

Slow Cooker Tortilla Soup

Linked to Org Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday – check it out for tons of great meal planning ideas!

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One thought on “menu plan monday – it’s October!

  1. Whoooooo hoooo for paleo eating! Sorry got a bit excited to see a menu without breads/carbs loading it down. Of course I used to eat like that too, but now that I know the truth it makes me so sad to see all of the menus.

    Have you read archevore? Here’s a good post – helped me with my kiddos.

    These pancakes are good too – weird, but good:

    Will definitely be checking out some of your links.

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