the proof is in the pain

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It’s been a solid three months since I began my paleo journey and like all things, I worry that I’m making it out to be more than it is – that I’m imagining or maybe just exaggerating how good I’ve beenĀ feeling.

After the past week, I can say – conclusively – that what the paleo diet has done for me isn’t exaggerated.

And it’s most definitely not imagined.

I haven’t fallen off the paleo wagon too far – I’ve managed to stay away from gluten and, in all honesty, I’ve eaten far less sweets than I normally would have during a holiday season.


I have eaten some sweets.

I’ve eaten some dairy.

I ate a whole lot of gluten-free bread from a new bakery near my mother-in-law’s over several days.

And I’ve paid.

Oh, how I’ve paid.

Painful stomach bloating, nausea, stabbing pains, even a return of the gastritis symptoms I felt in September when I started getting serious about paleo. I haven’t slept well, I’ve had no energy at all and I just feel like there’s a gloomy cloud hanging over me.

I’m annoyed with myself for putting my body through this, but at the same time…I’m sort of relieved.

Now I know – how deeply certain foods can wound me.

I know – how little it takes and how quickly it happens.

I know – that Whole30 isn’t just a challenge for me, but the way I need to eat every single day at every single meal. In fact, I’m considering it WholeLife from now on.

Validation, even when it’s painful, can be empowering.

And I’m ready to move on with some hard lessons learned and earned.

3 thoughts on “the proof is in the pain

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  3. I began strictly eating Paleo when I became so sick (and sick of being sick). I didn’t know about “Paleo” but had asked God for guidance (because doctors weren’t able to help). God led me to a new way of eating, which I later found out was called “Paleo.” I’m not sure I agree with the philosophy behind Paleo (cavemen and all); but I am sure it works (for whatever reason!). :)

    Happy healing,

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