on my mind…

  • A real quick bit of business – see that box over on the right?  The one that says "A Few of My Favor…"?  I decided this week to start monetizing my blog just a little.  Anytime you click on one of those books (or any book links in my posts) and then make a purchase on Amazon, I get a little kick back.  A very little kick back, but a little kick back nonetheless.  I'm still debating a few other money making possibilities, but will always be sure to let you know when I benefit financially from a post. 
    And please be assured that I will only be promoting items that I truly believe in and love. 
  • Speaking of things I love, I signed up for this class this week, and while I'll be writing a blog post on it soon, but I wanted to share a link today:

    Finding ways to prepare foods in a more natural manner has been something I've been passionate about for a few years now.  It's so hard, though, and just figuring out exactly what needs to be done to what has been a huge mountain for me to climb.  I'm really looking forward to this!
    (and side note: after seeing what I have so far about this class, I made the decision to become an affiliate of it.  If you sign up through my link, I will receive financial compensation.)
  • I went to see The Phantom of the Opera last night with friends from church, and was completely swept away again.  It's been nearly 20 years since the first time I saw it in LA and I was just as amazed with it yesterday as was then.   The cast was superb and it was all I could do not to start jumping up and down, yelling "again, again" when it was over.  It was so wonderful to have a night out, and I am so thankful for my sweet friend Deanna who made it possible. 
  • There are a lot of things going on at our church right now, and even in our home, that make me think we're facing some spiritual warfare.  It's something we've been through before, but it's also something that our church seems to ignore or perhaps that our leaders aren't aware of.  Any and all prayers would be much appreciated.  Families, children, adult relationships…they're all being affected fairly severely and I truly believe there is a spiritual basis for much of it.  Our church here doesn't have the culture of prayer that our previous one did – and while I'm thankful for all that I did learn about this subject during our time at Trinity, I really miss that awareness from the highest levels of leadership on down.
  • An a more fun note…the kids and I did a quick little Valentine's Day photo shoot this week.  
    I still haven't gotten around to downloading my photo actions so these are all straight out of my little point and shoot camera.  Love this one of Hanna…

    And this was about as much cooperation as we got out of the boy…
    In most of the photos, he had that big, blue monster pillow on his head.  

    Luckily, we were able to get just enough photos to put together a little card for the grandmas and grandpas and cousins.


    One more of Hanna that I love.  I've got to find all of my actions and get to playing with these!

  • We're heading into what just might be the craziest weekend we've ever had.  We have a big Broadway themed production at church Saturday night that benefits a local building ministry our youth program runs.  Sunday, Hanna and I head out for her Confirmation retreat while Tom and Caleb have church and another concert that night.  Wednesday is the beginning of Lent and Tom is speaking at the service that evening.  I am exhausted just thinking about it all! 
  • Thinking of Lent…I'm still pondering ways to observe.  I'd considered completely removing wheat from my diet, but I'm going to be doing a little traveling that will make that almost impossible.  Still praying and pondering.
  • This afternoon, we discussed the idea of Tom taking a semester off from seminary this spring.  We are so overwhelmed with so many different things right now – I hate to see him take this break when he still has at least 5 semesters to go, but I also think our entire family needs a season of rest.  Your prayers would be much appreciated on this decision.