Project Life: Week 10

Oh, Project Life, I certainly hadn’t intended to get this far behind!

Life has been crazy. Absolutely crazy. And I think perhaps the method I was using to keep me on track – taking notes on my iPhone in Evernote – just wasn’t the right one for me. I’m a paper and pencil person, and I’m making some adjustments that will hopefully help with the notetaking part of things.

But week 10…which already seems so long ago.

I’ve been obsessed with turquoise and red forever – at least since middle school. It just seemed to work for this week, and I love the way it looks against kraft.

The week’s Week in Review card – This is my favorite slot to fill each week, and it’s the one I do last. It tends to be the leftovers that make up our week full of those little things that maybe don’t have pictures but are important for one reason or another.

The whole right side is about Sunday School. It was a big deal in the life of our little church that we have Sunday School for the kids again after many years. There’s also a card about a prayer vigil we had this week – not something I felt it would be appropriate to photograph, but wanted to include. There’s also some more personal journaling on the inside of the folded Memories card at the bottom.

I also included a Dagoba chocolate wrapper – I’m a bit of a dark chocolate snob and don’t consider much of anything below 80% to be worthy of the name. This Dagoba is my new, unfortunately ridiculously expensive favorite.

From a visual standpoint, this week is one of my favorites. It’s also when things started to fall apart a bit and I started getting really behind. This week, I’m working on getting caught back up, in bite sized pieces.

First up?

I came up with a daily log space for each day and notes about memorabilia on the front and a sketch of the Plan A page protectors on the back. Today, I jotted notes for all of the weeks I missed, and I’ll start sorting, planning and editing photos this afternoon. I’m also going to use this log from here on out for taking notes each week – I’ll just leave it out on my desk and jot things down as I feel the need. I’m crossing my fingers that this keeps me more up to date.

What’s Project Life? It’s a scrapbooking system created by Becky Higgins to simplify memory keeping. Quite simply, it’s awesome. All of my Project Life posts can be viewed here.

From the Studio…May 11, 2010

Another week of busy creating.  I am at that time of year that I need to start stockpiling for my month-long trip to stay with family in California, but I'm just not there yet.  Last year, I listed lots of individual piecings while I was traveling and that worked quite well so I think I'll do that again this year (plus I'll have time on the train to chalk and ink!).

A few new listings for this week:

Boy World Final

Out of this World – I always love space themed layouts, and this one is no exception.   I've got plans for a girlier version of this one later in the week.

Cherry Final

You are the Cherry on Top! – Love this one, but it sure didn't want to have it's picture taken.  Each of the cherries is hand-chalked and I think that whipped cream looks good enough to eat!

Disney Day Final

Our Perfect Disney Day – I get lots of requests for Disney layouts, and I love how this one turned out.  The colors and swirls are perfect!

Say Cheese Final

 Say Cheese – mice on layouts?  Totally cute.  Mice anywhere else?  Not so much!  Perfect for those cute extra cheesy smiles.

Wild Boy Final
Wild About You! –  Love this one, probably because the monsters have a bit of a Muppet feel to me.  Like the Out of this World layout above, I have a girl version of this one ready to list in a few days.

I've got another 7 layouts planned for this week – and I'm crossing my fingers I can get them all done!

Patterns are by Treasure Box Designs and Myscrapchick.  

From the Studio…

A new week, a few new listings for my eBay friends!

Flip FLop Final 
Flip Flop Season – so technically, living in Florida makes it flip flop season all year long…but I know other parts of the country are finally getting to join in some of the warm weather.

Matter of heart 
A Matter of Heart! – some of my most treasured keepsakes are the sweet scribbles of my kids when they were younger, and even at ages 8 and 12 I still get gifts of their heartfelt artistry on at least a weekly basis.

Love Blooms Final 
Love Blooms Here – I just adore this layout!  So sweet, so wide open for just about any family or little girl photos you can think of.

Nut Final 
The Nut Doesn't Fall Too Far From the Tree – I love this layout.  It reminds me of silly family traits and jokes, and I think the squirrels are darling.  And it wasn't until I took it outside to photograph it that I realized I had flipped one of the background pages before I adhered the piecings and photo mattes.  I wanted to cry – there was absolutely no way I could fix it, and I don't have enough of the papers to completely redo it.  So…it's listed at a slightly lower price and hopefully it will find a home.

I also have a few borders listed that will be closing Thursday evening.  I love these borders – the base generally measures about 2.75 to 3.25 inches tall and fits perfectly across a two page layout.  All you really have to add is cardstock and photos!

Border Family Final 
Family Matters – my favorite border this week.  Green and purple are two of my favorite colors to put together, and I love the bears on this one.

Border Hoot Final 
What A Hoot – I also love owls, and these chubby little guys crack me up!  Perfect for those funny face photos we all seem to have stacks of.

Border Bee Final 
Cute as Can Bee! – I thnk the title pretty much says it all.  Bright and bold, perfect for spring or summer photos.

I have a few other listings this week, and will be adding more as the week goes by. 

Side note: I wish I could take credit for the darling critters on these layouts, but the patterns are by Treasure Box Designs and Myscrapchick.  Aren't they darling!  I use their patterns, cut them out on cardstock, ink, chalk, put them together and add details.  

*something to crow about*

It's been a while since I've shared new eBay listings.  I always feel weird about self-promotion of any sort, but I get requests to see what I'm doing once in a while and decided to share today…

Crow Final

I love this one.  I'm always a sucker for  a tongue in cheek title =)

Pumpkin Bears Final 

I seem to do a dozen layouts similar to this one every Fall, and I enjoy them all.

Halloween Fun Final

This one just makes me smile – the silly cats, the swirls, the BasicGrey papers, the black and white gingham ribbon…so many of my favorite things!

Fallin Border Final 

I adore these new bears in the Harvest Helpers set from myscrapchick.

And while you're over there, check out this amazing set – I have so many ideas for treat bags, gift baskets, cards…I just need some time!

Too Cute Border Final 

Another favorite!  

Boo Title 

And a sweet little title.  Sometimes I think these little titles are my favorite items to create…they add that perfect little touch to a layout.

You can see everything I have listed this week by clicking right here: Stickergirlstudios.

Just a disclaimer: all piecings are the creations of myscrapchick.  I have been honored to be part of their design team for the last year and absolutely love their products!  I look forward to many more fun creations with them =)