Taming the Towel Monster

The Towel Monster

My kids go through about a bazillion towels a week.

Give or take.

Well…that might be just a bit of an exaggeration, but towels became a big issue at our house over the last year.  The kids were go through way too many of them (3 towels for one shower?  I don't think so) and they certainly weren't being hung up (13 towels were once found on the floor of one closet – I was at the point of almost having to use a washcloth to dry off with).   And when I asked for dirty laundry, I could usually count on having one surprise load of towels appear from….somewhere.

And of course, no one could ever figure out who was the culprit.


After far too many arguments and temper tantrums and whining, we finally hit on this solution and it has made life around here just a little more pleasant.  I took the kids to Target and let them each pick out their own towels.  Caleb picked striped and Hanna picked a soft turquoise.  If a towel is on the floor, all I have to do is check the color (or pattern).  If a towel is missing, I know in which closet or under which bed I should check (although, admittedly, that has been a far more rare occurrence lately – hooray!).  And rather than having a surprise gigantic pile of towels show up when I ask for dirty laundry, I just grab these off the hooks every couple of days and add them to my never-ending loads of dish towels to wash.

It's rather hard for me to believe how much of a difference $20 worth of towels has made, but it's totally working for us!

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